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Phase 2 Planning and Development - PHARMEZ, ZIPL

Site area              -  160 acre
Project Status      -  Completed 

Phase  2 was planned in continuation to the existing Phase 1. A main central road extends across phase 1 through phase 2 connecting all smaller roads. 

The entire cross-section was developed using precast sections from FUJI to ease construction and speed up the work onsite. Using precast electrical trenches gives PHARMEZ the ease to add new lines without any major disturbance to the infrastructure. Roads have been made in R.C.C. to ensure longevity considering the frequency of heavy motor vehicles.

Going ahead with the Green SEZ policy, PHARMEZ mandates that each individual plot owner plant and nurture the landscape within their premises. Each road was assigned a particular color to demarcate the zone and allow for easy wayfinding. All signages were developed in accordance with this color scheme.

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