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Our Vision

Kavirama Facility Company is a facility management firm that provides best-in-class water and wastewater management services with all the latest technologies. Our team is led by industry veterans and composed of young, dynamic people who genuinely want to leave a sustainable footprint behind. Our ethical solid core benefits our clients directly as we aim to provide them with tailor-made solutions for all their requirements. 

Our Values

Quality - Experienced technicians and managers with up-to-date technologies and best-in-class suppliers.  

Integrity - Maintain transparency with all stakeholders in the process.

Reliability - On-time deliveries integrated into all service channels.

Ethics -  We do what’s in our clients' and employees' best interest. 

What we do

We design processing plants to treat industrial water waste. We provide clean, systematic wastewater management solutions. Our end-to-end solutions incorporate everything from project management and installation to operations of facilities. 

Our current client base is from the pharmaceutical and energy sector who avail the following array of our services - 

  • Water Treatment 

  • Effluent Treatment & Recycling

  • Sewage Treatment 

  • Zero Liquid Discharge


We design customized plants as per variable quality parameters of waste water. second. The optimal solution derived from our thorough analysis is then put into a detailed design engineering format.


We take pride in delivering quality products while meeting project timelines. Our site engineering team brings a collective experience in project management, site erection and commissioning services.


We believe in building true partnerships with our clients to continue delivering value through our operational excellence. We establish and manage a dedicated team of trained individuals to run operations year-round. 

Our Services

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