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front elevation - stadium.jpg

Sports Pavilion - KASEZ, Kandla

Site Area        -   1,32,000sqft
Project Status -
   On hold

The brief of the project asked us to create a sports stadium for an already existing but barren cricket ground. The structure had to be a landmark, cater to the needs of the viewers and at the same time remain cost-effective.

The process began with understanding the specific requirements for a stadium and then moved into exploring the design options in the section to see which works best with the site. The masterplan, apart from the pavilion, re-oriented the cricket pitch, included parking for visitors, outdoor seating and utility blocks for electrical generators and water tanks. 

The pavilion seats 250 people with additional seating at the upper level for 50 people. The sunken bunker houses all ancillary functions such as teams rooms, shower area, admin area, infirmary, waiting area and public washrooms. Two entry points, at the front and back, allow viewers to access the stadium with a V.I.P. entry/driveway at the back. 

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