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Firestation at SP 14 -

Site Area        -   31,000sqft
Project Status -   Completed

Planned as part of a larger set of public facilities, plot no. 14 houses a medical center, public wash-room and a firestation. These functions, along with a public garden and café aid PHARMEZ in maintaining high standards of safety and welfare for all its employees and companies.

The high-tension line running across the site governed the major layout and positioning of all functions within the compound. As no habitable function can be placed under the high-tension line, the buildings were forced along the edge of the plot. The large central road facilitates the free movement of emergency service vehicles.

The residential space was designed as a rectilinear block joining the bay area and was pushed back to match the back edge of the firestation. The negative space created by the difference in depths of the two blocks (parking and residential) gave us the opportunity to create a shaded plaza with a large roof overhang which became the highlight of the project

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