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Phase 1 Redevelopment - PHARMEZ, ZIPL

Site Area              -  121 acre
Project Status      -  Ongoing 

Upon the completion of Phase 2, Kavirama Designs was tasked with re-developing and re-furbishing the Phase 1 of the PHARMEZ complex (originally designed by HCP). The requirement, keeping in mind the expansion into Phase 2 was to facilitate more parking spaces, develop a smooth security network, redefine pedestrian safety and to make way-finding on site simpler and more visible. The design has been planned and propsed after a detail study and on-site discussions of services to ensure nothing needs to be shut down for even one day. 

The new proposal segregated entries for 1) ZIPL employees 2) Employees of companies inside and 3) vendors and guests. A new shaded pedestrian walkway was introduced to ensure safe passage of those walking. Considering the industry works 24hrs a day, significant thought has also gone into lighting up the place at night. 

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