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floor plan - masterplan - NK.jpg

N.K. Farmhouse - Ahmedabad

Site Area          -     22,600 sq. ft. 
Project Status   -     Completed 

This single-family residence is located 30 minutes away from the city of Ahmedabad. It is located on the side of the Narmada River Canal with farming and residential areas on the other sides. The intent of the design was to provide a space in the midst of nature for the client to enjoy their privacy while at the same time appreciating the outdoor environment. The interiors of the house have been kept minimal yet elegant to try and dissolve the boundary between the inside and outside. 

The location to build upon on the site was chosen far away from the entrance to maintain privacy but also to create a journey for the client and their guests and the house reveals itself as you get closer. The house has been made to sit between two open spaces, 1) a small private and intimate courtyard primarily for the client and 2) an open lawn that can be enjoyed when hosting large gatherings. The brief stated by the client emphasized their desire to have a swimming pool. Keeping that in mind, the pool is located right adjacent to the dining and living room making it an important element that almost becomes an extension of the space. The bedrooms have been arranged in a manner to make use of the different views generated on-site, one bedroom overlooks the large open lawn while the other enjoys the view of the swimming pool. 

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