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isometric view - inhouse.jpg

Inhouse Stay -

Site Area        -   21,5000sqft
Project Status -   On hold

The in-house stay was commissioned as a space for all workers at the SEZ to have a resting space of their own. The project is divided into two major parts, 1) Staff Housing - for security and maintenance personnel and 2) Supervisor Housing - for guests and officials. While in the same premises, both buildings have been designed differently to cater to the different needs of the user. The inside of the buildings focused primarily on providing ample natural light, ventilation and flexibility to add/modify spaces within the rooms in the later stages as per the requirements.


The major focus for this project was to create spaces outside the rooms for the staff. The project includes a volleyball court alongside a large parking space (which may be used for cultural events) near the entrance. Shaded walkways, outdoor seating and large open lawns have been provided for the staff at the back so that they can enjoy their own privacy as well. In addition, the terrace space is made usable for both buildings and the staff housing in equipped with a self sufficient pantry kitchen and small dining area at the top. All windows also have space for plantation to be within touching distance. The plantation will help improve the quality of space on the inside as well as shade the insides from receiving any direct sun light. 

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