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School in Ahmedabad 

Project Status      -  Ongoing 

The extensive program presented us with a challenge to accommodate the requirements of the client in a meaningful manner in a tight contextual setting. Questioning and learning from our own experiences, we tried to create a space where learning isn’t only restricted within the classrooms. 


The raised plinth, central to the design is created as a space bustling with activity throughout the day. It is imagined as a space where students and teachers can eat, perform, learn, interact and play. The plinth effectively provides new ground on the 1st floor. Raising the plinth allowed us to create an auditorium below which can host up to 250-300 people. Separate entries isolate the auditorium which doesn’t disturb the school if the auditorium needs to be used by the admin. Recessed fenestrations, shaded courtyards, north-south building orientation, solar panels on the terrace, rain-water harvesting and greywater recycling are some of the techniques which reduce heat gain and try to make the building as self-sufficient as possible. 

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